Welcome to the Future!

Harbour Front #9

Only a few years ago, we didn't even imagine where the web was going. At some point it became more clear, but it was still a thing that we mainly dreamt of. Now that we have finally reached the future, it's great to see the possibilities that are right at out finger tips. Using the latest technologies eventually enables us to provide better and more personalized services, remove unnecessary clutter and improve our users experiences. Meet contextual awareness.

Contextually Aware Apps

The mobile world changed how we interact with information. We shift to shorter interactions, but within a much better defined context. Knowing the physical location of the user and what is happening right now is the core of a great app. Contextual awareness is becoming more and more important and it's enabling new business models.

In this talk I will explore in depth the general concept and technologies which are available today and show examples of their usage. We will talk about maps, smart spaces, indoor navigation, beacons, slam, magnetic data and vision. The material came from my own ongoing endeavours to build a great contextually aware App.

Ilya Belikin is a designer, developer and entrepreneur. He is passionate about user-centric design and good Chinese tea. Combining these two, he is performing #TeaTableProject all over the world to share and learn.

With more that 10 years of experience in leading software projects from websites to ERP systems in 2013, he founded Ungert Design: a company based in Hong Kong to build great apps for the global market.

Lightning talks:

Printer-Friendly RWD, Oh My! by Bart Verkoeijen
How I learned that Chrome and Bootstrap don't play nice together for print and how to fix it.

Bring on your lighting talk!
If you have something to say, have a project you want to show off, need some front end or design advice, let us know and secure a lightning talk slot. We'd love to hear from you.

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The Hive, Wan Chai

We couldn't be happier to host these events with our friends at the Hive in Wan Chai.

The Hive is a members’ coworking space and creative community based in the dynamic Wan Chai area of Hong Kong. Conveniently located in Wan Chai, within 3 minutes of the MTR station. Central is two stops on the MTR.

The Hive's address:
21st Floor, The Phoenix Building
No.23 Luard Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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