The Future Of Devtools With Remotedebug

Harbour Front #6

Hello again!

After a short break, we're now back with another Harbour Front meetup for all you web peeps. We're bringing you edition #6 of Harbour Front Monthly to continue learning, improving and to move your web chops further ahead.

What can you expect? Practical take-aways. A nice crowd and some drinks. Sit back and relax while you learn new things and meet new people at our supporting co-working space The Hive.

You can register via Eventbrite or at the door on the evening of the event. You can follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and we're on Meetup too.

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The Future Of Devtools With Remotedebug

Why not debug IE11 using Chrome Dev Tools?
As a webdeveloper developing for different browsers, Kenneth, like everyone, always worked with several tools. As this is not a very efficient process, he wondered how he could make things more practical and efficient. During this past year he had the pleasure to discuss RemoteDebug with great minds from Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Adobe, W3C, and many others. When he announced his RemoteDebug initiative at the FullFrontal conference, the feedback was overwhelming. It generated 1000+ tweets and 500+ followers in the following days. In this talk you will learn more about the current debug process, what can be improved and what we can and can be done about it.
So if you have always wanted to debug Internet Explorer 11 with the Chrome Dev Tools? After this talk you can :)

Kenneth Auchenberg has been the tech lead for Citrix in San Francisco, worked for Vodafone and is obsessed with tooling. He is the organizer of the ColdFront Conference, and CopenhagenJS community in Denmark. He often speaks in public; in communities, at conferences and in companies. Currently he is traveling through Asia and is making a stopover in Hong Kong. We were lucky to hijack and convince him to speak at Harbour Front. Over the past year he has focused working on RemoteDebug, an initiative to bring a common remote debugging protocol to today's browsers.

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The Hive, Wan Chai

We couldn't be happier to host these events with our friends at the Hive in Wan Chai.

The Hive is a members’ coworking space and creative community based in the dynamic Wan Chai area of Hong Kong. Conveniently located in Wan Chai, within 3 minutes of the MTR station. Central is two stops on the MTR.

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