🍸 Making Less of the Web with Feature Policy with Andrew Betts

Harbour Front #23

New year, new meetup!
We hope you're doing well and started the year of the pig right.
Every new year we make the resolution we will be organising more meetups, but this year we stopped doing that, and guess what!

If you've attended the first Webconf.asia conference here in HK you might know him. He is in town for a week and we are happy he wants to do a talk at our meetup, a brand new one even!

On Tuesday, March 12, Andrew Betts will be talking about feature policy.
This meetup is for web developers and other people who build or design for the web.

You're welcome from 7 onwards at The Hive in Wan Chai. We'll start at 7:30. We hope to see you there!
Holger & Charis 👫

💬Making less of the web with feature policy

The web platform has seen a decade of furious expansion, with websites now able to access USB, vibration, bluetooth, and geolocation, as well as store huge amounts of data on end user devices, trigger background sync and notifications, and even get paid from users' digital wallets.

But with this expansion has come an increased scope for attacks, costly mistakes and performance regressions. Feature policy is a new feature designed to actually disable or limit features of the platform. With a feature policy, developers can solve performance issues, improve security, police their development team's best practices, and even stop third party scripts from misbehaving. All with one new HTTP header.

👱🏼‍♂️Andrew Betts is principal developer advocate for Fastly (https://www.fastly.com/), co-chair of the London Web Performance meetup group (https://ldnwebperf.org/) and an elected member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (https://tag.w3.org/).

He is excellent at explaining things and will sort your pens in order of length while you’re not looking. You can find him on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/triblondon

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The Hive, Wan Chai

We couldn't be happier to host these events with our friends at the Hive in Wan Chai.

The Hive is a members’ coworking space and creative community based in the dynamic Wan Chai area of Hong Kong. Conveniently located in Wan Chai, within 3 minutes of the MTR station. Central is two stops on the MTR.

The Hive's address:
21st Floor, The Phoenix Building
No.23 Luard Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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